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Cultivating Precious Pearls
out of your Perilous Past

Are you looking to...

 Heal Past Wounds 

If you're longing to break free from trauma, brokenness, and negative thinking, you need a compassionate trained specialist.

Effectively and holistically uncover root problems using biblically-based assessments and interventions.

Tricia aligns clients with liberating truth while equipping them with personalized applications for lasting life change. Her BIBLICAL counseling approach fosters spiritual renewal and emotional health. See real transformation in all areas - personal, professional and spiritual.

Tricia Harmon's Leadership 

With over 30 years of ministry experience and specialized training in trauma therapy, addiction, and spiritual warfare, Tricia compassionately ministers to wounded souls.


She's an accomplished author,  inspirational speaker, trauma therapy specialist.


Tricia Harmon's influence reaches far and wide. Her mentorship has guided countless individuals, organizations, and ministries toward spiritual growth and personal development.  

tricia harmon speaking in her beautiful blue dress
sand to pearls tricia harmon books

S.A.N.D. To Pearls:

A Transformative Training Course 

Discover the transformative power of Tricia's 3-part training course, "S.A.N.D. To Pearls." These carefully crafted books take you on a profound journey of healing, restoration, and growth. Available for purchase on Amazon, they serve as invaluable resources for anyone seeking to make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

tricia harmon learning and sitting in a crowd

Embrace Your Calling 

Are you ready to embrace your calling as a spiritual leader and make a difference in the lives of the wounded?

Join Tricia Harmon's Trauma Care Ministry Training and equip yourself with the knowledge, compassion, and resilience to bring healing and hope to those who need it most.

Take the First Step!

Contact Tricia Harmon Today

to begin your transformative journey.

Together, let's be empowered to embrace our true call, passion, and mission we were created for.

Great tool for getting those negatives out of your head

“I have struggled with Sabotaging And Negative Dialogue for years. Reading this has encouraged me to start making a choice and follow Tricia’s direction for 3 weeks and opening my eyes and focusing on each new day. A powerful tool for setting your mind to all thing positive. Can’t wait to see more books come from her! Easy read”

~ Bag

“Tricia emceed our inaugural DO MORE GOOD National Nonprofit Marketing Conference. The power of her talent and heart propelled us through the day and allowed us to deliver content and thought leadership that will cause so many to DO MORE GOOD. So thankful and so blessed to have her professionalism and positivity working on our behalf!!”

~ Bill McKendry,
Founder & Chief Creative O
at 1st BrandHaven

Loved it!

"This book really opened my eyes to how negatively I speak to myself. Since reading this book, I have learned some valuable techniques to transform my thinking into a more positive and loving self talk. Tricia's wit and love shines through in the pages and I anxiously await the next book!"

~ Jennifer Waters

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